The SandMAN project

Objects convey ideas, memories and messages, and the ceramic decorations are certainly one of these vectors, of conservation but also dissemination of identity and cultural messages.
The objective of the Marie Curie EU-funded “SandMAN. Shapes and Meaning” project is to understand the ways of communication between the archaic communities of southern Italy, free of conventional forms of writing, through the study of the matt-painted pottery decorations, between the end of Iron Age and the Archaic Period (mid-7th/ mid-5th cent. BC).
The blog is intended for anyone interested in archaeology, cultural anthropology and iconology. The readership targeted by this page is varied: the web log is aimed at both specialists and neophytes. The main goal is certainly to share the scientific data of the SandMAN project but also to communicate them to a wider audience, trying to inspire their curiosity and bring readers closer to the topics covered in the sections.
This blog will publish the progress of current research, preliminary results, cultural events involving the human sciences (conferences, study days, seminars, meetings) and will also include a bibliographic section, with an indication of books and articles (as much as possible in free access) useful for those who want to know more about the ancient world.

Cesare Vita

This project received funding under the “Horizon 2020” framework program for research and innovation under Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement number 892781